We encourage you to stop by and visit our church if you do not have a place of worship.

  1. We are congregation that enjoys getting to know people. Our formal worship service is about an hour in length, but you will find us still interacting with each other as much as an hour after the formal service is over.
  2. We use an order of worship in the morning so you can follow along and know where we are headed. We begin with a reading from the Bible, then sing some songs together, since our beginning we have made praying for the President part of our worship. We have a time for sharing blessings and hurts with each other, so we can pray for each other. This is followed by a teaching or sermon. You can find out more on the sermon page.
  3. You can check out what we believe by linking to: https://ag.org/Beliefs/Statement-of-Fundamental-Truths